Tongue was in love with sticky tape.

Wanted so so bad to attach.
For them both to attach to each other: to stick
to brutally stick.
To feel that rip away whenever there was an away.
A hard fiery brutal rip away.

It was so difficult.

Tongue was so wet almost all of the time
- the saddest thing.

T would lie limp, cause more air to be sucked than usual, a big swallow would happen. More again.
Then a big swallow would happen. To dry up – to get as dry as could be – to stop salivating.

And then, when sticky tape came, they would join together so fucking erotically and it would last only
a few moments. They would completely bind.

And T would feel:
so fucking pleasured,
so ultimately at ease,
and her body would fold to him,
would push against him,
would die to be covered in his glue.

is flesh and muscle
in the mouth for licking,
and art-ic-u-lat-ing

) what a fucking ride (

And he would come
one piece at a time

And he
would feel real good
against her.
Nothing will do but sticky tape

and she will do nothing but
- get dry
- hang limp
suck air over under all round get dry get drier remove moisture
swallow swallow swall swell sweat swallow




and he would return

anticipating her dried surface
a soon-to-be connective tissue

and completely - and so bad - losing herself
losing herself
and folding to him
in and around and every bit inside and out

He knew that it wasn’t easy to get to be together like this
and he felt as good as her when they were.

Her pleasure was so fucking heightened by the build-up.
By the preparations.
By the longing.
By the longing.
By the fucking longing.
By the longing to be fucked.

And slowly, and so fucking devastatingly she would become wet again, and he would release from her.